Our Work

For over seven years we have been working with big and small companies from different industry verticals. We have sufficient success stories record and want to share with you some of our latest development cases.

We create more than just applications

Through a continuous improvement, we manage to deliver world-class software solutions. Every new project not only leverages our experience but also sharpen our skills letting to grow as specialists. We have delivered 100+ bespoke software solutions aimed at productivity growth and customer relationships enhancement. Have a look at some of them.

Women’s Mag

A lifestyle mobile application and a website based on a women’s magazine

A publisher approached our team with an idea to create a website and mobile application that will create an online and mobile presence delivering better user experience. The site aim is to provide daily advice, tips, and articles dedicated to beauty, health, fashion and other important topics that women talk about. Due to the necessity to update and edit the content of the site on a regular basis, our team developed and implemented bespoke CMS. Both site and app have similar functionality targeting at web visitors and mobile users ensuring that both categories of customers will have a splendid user experience. We also integrated social media functionality enabling readers to “like” the posts they enjoy, leave comments, and share with friends via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.


A reviewing mobile application with social-networking elements

Our team was asked to develop a social media application that will create a solid reviews database letting users rate and review various items and experiences and share their opinion with friends. A social review platform was planned as a dynamic application that shatters the mold of traditional review apps. The app includes several categories which simplify the search of a review. The categories include TV shows, Films, Music, Technologies, Games, and Books. The app functions as a social network that lets users follow their friends and discuss their review activity creating a network of trusted advisors.

Delivery Tracker

A web application for UK courier company

The task we faced was to create a mobile management system that will connect couriers to the customers wherever they are. The includes two sets of features depending on user’s role. Thus, company’s managers and clients can post orders on the website and track their progress status, while couriers can take orders on the mobile client and let to track package location via GPS on their smartphones. For couriers, it is also a good opportunity to adjust their orders list to their geolocation and built the most convenient routes. One more feature that helps to eliminate paperwork is an e-signature that confirms the pickup.


A business application for safe credit cards process

Our customer approached us to build a secure payment gateway application for both iOS and Android platforms which could secure and easily process credit card payments during product sale. The primary task was to build a secure payment gateway which could handle millions of daily transactions. We built native apps for two major mobile operating systems using extensible features of ROAM Data transforming mobile devices into point-of-sale terminals so that users could process payments in a safe and intuitive manner. Overcoming the technical challenges, we managed to achieve streamlined user experience from payment procedure.

Shopping Paradise

A shopping application that helps discover nearby shops and deals

Our customer came to us with an app idea which implied a mobile application that could search nearby stores based on user’s location and the desired product. The app was built using Xamarin technology ensuring nearly native user experience for both iOS and Android users. The app obtains a huge database of shops available in diverse verticals, including Groceries, Packaged Food, Dairy, Household Needs, Baby Care, Clothes and many others. The app informs about deals and discounts and also provides shops’ ratings letting registered users leave their reviews. The app also notifies users about shops and deals based on users’ search history.

Facility Manager

A web application for property maintenance and grounds management

A company approached us looking for a software solution that will enable to maintain every unit and place within the infrastructure. One of the requirements was to design an app that adjusts to mobile devices’ screens ensuring usability and intuitivity on both big and small screens. We build an adaptive app that links every person, place and equipment item of the company ensuring effective inventory management. The system manages everything from work orders to inventory control providing one-stop-tool for facilities maintenance. The program offers a cohesive platform which simplifies management processes and reporting activity.
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