Outsource App Development to the Professional Team

Do you need an innovative business solution? Our software company specialises in outsource software development of bespoke applications. Our software engineers will code the program to solve the problem and help you transform your business.

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What we do

Since the foundation of our company, we develop software that meets the needs and requirements of enterprises and provide the best outsource app development services. We are proud to be an experienced IT expert. Our developers know how to create effective applications and designers create attractive and easy-to-use solutions. The project manager fully interprets your intentions for the app. We are an established IT specialist looking for a challenging job.

Why should you Outsource App Development?

There are two quantitative and qualitative methods of growth. First of all, the first method is sufficient, but at some point only qualitative changes become cardinal and can improve efficiency much more quickly. Our outsource team is highly proficient and provide custom software development services that dramatically increase productivity with internal process optimization, automation, acceleration and better customer service delivery.

There are two main options: outsource and internal development. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but creating your own programming department will only make sense if there are long-term projects and plans to develop this direction of business activities.

Internal professionals and against outsource

Outsource has many advantages over internal teams, which include:

  • Time Saving

Finding experienced software development group with ready teams takes less time than teaching your team and teaching the company's individual standards and teamwork. Our outsource team have established development processes and years of experience in various projects in various industries. Newly supported teams need time to begin productive collaboration. If you need to reach the market quickly, it is more effective to use the services of the outsourced specialist. We know how to do business in the most efficient way. Your internal team needs a considerable amount of time to reach the level of the outsourced agency.

  • Profitable

Outsource services may seem too expensive, but let's compare the overall costs of internal and external development. In the case of outsourced coding services, there is only one that pays. This is the result of being delivered. Approach the firm only when services are required, such as development of mobile and web applications, creation of intranet / extranet, integration of custom databases, maintenance service, etc. If you create your own software development and maintenance department within your organisation, you will have to consider the workspace and other expenses, such as furniture, accessories, stationery, etc. In addition, app developers like the full-time employees need regular employee and salary benefits, which include health insurance, sick leave, paid vacations, etc. In addition, to build the entire new IT department, you need human resources that can manage it efficiently. Normally, specialists with such qualifications need salaries according to their duties and responsibilities.

Outsource on Land and Abroad

When you outsource a software company, you can stay in the country or go abroad according to your personal preferences. Outsourcing abroad refers to the hiring of national developers to achieve specific tasks. Such subcontracting means that the person who hires lives in the same country, who speaks the same language, who shares the same culture, who in most cases shares the same time zone. However, generally their price tags are high. The situation of offshore outsource is completely opposite. When you outsource an offshore IT group, you approach a firm in a different country and sometimes you also access a different continent. In general, companies depend on external subcontracting because development costs are low. However, receiving remote services has the risk of obtaining results that do not meet your requirements. It is difficult to control the process and it also increases the possibility of being misunderstood. It is not a rule, but the risk you should know.

Our software agency specialises in the development of mobile and web applications to design software solutions for the most popular platforms. If you delegate the development of applications to our team, you can surely get the desired result.

Security and Responsiveness

The internet is full of threats such as viruses, hacker attacks, malicious programs and other dangers to backend and frontend that you should protect your website from. It is especially important because today many consumers prefer to do shopping on their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, not only you should ensure the security, but also provide responsiveness that enables your site to adjust to different screen sizes of your customers’ devices.


Our Services

Our clients have outsourced app development services for more than 5 years and today we have an excellent reputation as trusted partners and full professionals. If you outsource it to our company, you can obtain the desired results. Our software company specializes in the creation of mobile and web applications that designs software solutions for the main platforms and exploits all the advantages of the capabilities of the devices. Our app development agency creates custom software to help companies achieve business objectives.

App Development

Our development team includes iOS developers, Android, Windows and web programmers with extensive experience. Our experience includes both client-side and server-side scripts and includes good knowledge such as PHP, .NET, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Python. Our team is familiar with the latest IT innovations and trends and only promising practices and trends are practiced. In addition to writing robust, legible code, software engineers not only provide effective functionality, but also when you approach other developers and update their applications, it is easier to understand and work on the code.

UI / UX Design

Our creative and talented designers are considering both the elegant appearance and the intuition of their app. Our design team offers you some design designs and provides a clear navigation map that asks for your comments. For mobile applications, make sure they appear correctly on all mobile devices that only offer a good user experience. If it is a web app, the design team creates a reactive and adaptable design that provides ease of use and convenience on any screen, even when the user accesses the app from the desktop, tablet or smartphone.

QA Test

We believe that it is better not to build anything, not a well-designed software product. That is why our company starts thinking about the quality of the app, even if the programmer writes a series of codes. Experienced QA experts will analyze all the projects we are trying to find to identify and eliminate the traps. QA tester performs all app performance tests, stress tolerance, ease of use, security and verifies that it complies with all coding standards and expectations.

Our clients


How to outsource software development?


With excellent app ideas, you are looking for that realization. In many cases, we outsource developers and IT companies specializing in the design of customized software solutions. Also, as a serious investment, you should pay attention to the risk of outsource developers. There are several ways to reduce them.

Before outsourcing to an app developer, you need to fully understand your idea and know what kind of results will ultimately be obtained. If there is no clear idea, we can not explain to the software engineer what he needs from the app. Therefore, you are not very satisfied with the final product. Search similar applications and study them. Do you find something that you like about them and find annoying things that are useless? Consider the following question.

  • Are you looking for web and mobile applications?
  • In the case of mobile devices, what platform do you want to run?
  • What kind of functions do the session start, the integration of social networks and other functions?
  • Are you looking to share the income of the applications?

Therefore, when we meet with developers and request estimates, we must explain what the development team expects and what the developers can expect. When you begin to collaborate with a subcontracted company, summarize the detailed outline of the project, including the list of features and functions, the design of the navigation and design map, the graphical interface asset.

The two main methods of development for programmers to work with clients are "waterfall" and "agile". Experienced and trained companies can provide both approaches to choose the one that best suits your project. Cascade model means a sequential design process that begins with the concept, start, in-depth analysis and design, coding and testing. This methodology requires absolute clarity about what its app should be and guarantees a good relationship with the subcontracted company. If there is a doubt and you can not determine what is waiting for the app, the agile process will suit you better. Unlike a waterfall, it means an iterative approach, so the team responds quickly to evolving requirements and feedback and ensures that results are completely satisfied.

Be sure to understand the idea of ​​the project when talking with the person in charge of the company about the total budget of the project and the calendar. Expenses depend directly on the characteristics of the software. Before starting the development, it is necessary to clarify the budget of the project and the time frame. In the case of Agile programming, it is almost impossible since it is an iterative process and depends not only on the developers but also on yourself. In this case, you can review the frequency of review of the results (usually around two weeks) and accept the new cycle budget per cycle of the development process, according to the work done during the cycle.

You are the owner of your app project file and the start of the app does not mean the end of the development of the app. Periodic updates are necessary for any program to work properly. You can also integrate new functions in the future and edit the contents. To do that, you need to have the software. Trusted companies write down all project files in the contract. In addition to project files, you can rely on private contracts if you consider it necessary.

Since the outline of your project was discussed, excellent outsource contractors are completely involved in collaborative projects. Your experience and knowledge will help you develop your ideas and improve with the advice of experts. The professionals must constantly propose something. By participating in the project discussion, it helps to identify the level of professionalism. If you talk to candidates with Skype or make a phone call, you can meet the developers you are trying to hire. Your communication skills are one of the most important criteria for successful collaborative projects. Getting in touch with them is a good opportunity to discover each other, ask about their experience and check their reactive ways. When you start the collaboration, provide feedback quickly and clearly in an important way. Your timeline depends on you. The developers can not advance without your comments.

Are you Looking for a Reputable Company?

We are reliable partner for outsourcing an app development. If you have an idea for the project and want to enter the market at a competitive cost as soon as possible, we will offer you an outsourcing service. The company will introduce you to the team of the most talented developers and designers to make your idea come true. Please call us today to discuss your project!