IOs 9 App Development

We all have witnessed what iPhone and Apple operating system in general can do for us. They never seem to disappoint us and always tend to surprise us with some new features and designs. IOs 9 app development is not an exception. If you like what you see in iOs 9, and we are highly sure that you do, probably you want to learn more about it! Well, we have excellent news for you and we would like to inform you that it is possible to learn with just one click! How? Read bellow!

App Development for iOs

With the internet today, every single information is available to us and we can have that information whenever we want, from anywhere in the world. Learning iOs 9 app development is definitely not an exception. With the release of iOs 9 and also the upgrade for Apple’s new programming language Swift it is obviously becoming simpler to begin and developing apps for iPhone and iPad.
There is no better timing to start and learn more about iOs 9 app development. To advance your knowledge and learn all about the latest version of iOs and the newest iOs 9 features is an advantage for every iOs app developer today. How to begin and learn app development for iOs?
  • First it is required to have an iPhone or iPad for app development and app testing.
  • It is an additional help for you and also preferred if you have a Mac using OS X Lion.
  • Make sure to download the iOs 9 SDK and X Code 7 to begin developing apps and also download iOs 9 Beta 5 to an iPhone for testing.
  • Join Apple’s iOs 9 Developers Forum in order to ask questions about everything you want to know and learn important and helpful tips and tricks from the other iOs app developers.
  • Make sure to get one of the free or premium iOs development courses if you aren’t informed about the basics of iOs development.
  • It is obligatory to join the Apple iOs Developer Program in order to submit your applications (That will cost you $99 per year).

IOs 10 App Development – What the Future Holds for Us

If you probably read there are not going to be some serious transformations about the design and all the features, when talking about iPhone 7. There are going to be some little modifications, but basically the design remains the same.
Getting the iOs 10 beta this summer and the final launch too won’t be a huge surprise, because after all it is Apple we are talking about. However, where Apple takes the mobile operating system is still a mystery to solve and all we have to say is that we are more than excited to see what the future holds for us, Apple lovers!
Here is a list of the new features from the rumors that are circling around:
  • iOs 10 Beta
  • iOs 10 Compatibility
  • Siri and Voicemails
  • Make 3D touch relevant
  • Customizable Control Center
  • Apple News in the Forefront
  • Volume controls
  • Cache and Orientation Bugs
  • Multi-user Support
  • iOs 10 Touch ID
  • Many More iOs Updates to Come in the near future

IOs 9 App Development

If you are more than excited to see, what Apple is preparing for its passionate users and app developers, you can start and take that course about learning iOs 9 app development. The timing couldn’t be better!