Do you need a Professional App Developer?

Our company is the leading app developer in the UK and we are ready to offer you the most professional services and tech support. However, when searching for app developers for your project, you have several options:

  • Chose free app creation constructor
  • Hire freelance developers
  • Insourcing: create a team of developers within the company
  • Outsourcing: Invite professional app development agencies

We are going to help you consider them all.

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Free App Generator

Today someone can become an app developer without the need for coding skills. Several DIY sites present us with the world of software. Using a series of templates, you can choose your favorite design, choose the design of the interface, enter information, specify the name of the brand, implement the features provided by the site, You can send apps. At first glance, it seems like a perfect idea: an easy to use free app created in 20 minutes.

But let's face the reality:

  • It is as boring as any other app. That simplicity is a drawback.
  • It's free? It's pretty exaggerated. You should think about the monthly payment for that maintenance. The availability of some features is also what you must pay.
  • Such programs have limited opportunities for personalization. Because wide functionality settings are not provided even at the app creation platform, you can not add the necessary functions.
  • Finally, it hardly works. In some cases, due to the poor quality of such solutions, it does not work properly on all the devices. If it is about uniqueness and attractiveness, there are already hundreds of similar solutions in the market.
  • The DIY site is fun, but it is a waste of time for commercial purposes.
Independent Developer

Another option is to find an independent developer. Freelancer for employment is suitable for one of the very special jobs. That's why you can find highly qualified people in that particular area of ​​activity. You hire him or her only when you need it, so you do not have to pay for the time you spend in the office. Although you think it is higher than the time interest rate of the company's employees, which provides office space and facilities, which pays wages, you can save a large amount of money.

But remember to hire a freelance developer means that your unique idea and the implementation of the entire project will probably be entrusted to someone with some other project at the same time. Be a professional programmer to control all stages of work, teach the developer, verify the deadline and test the final result, since a professional requires adding valuable time to the cost of work.

  • You do not have the guarantee that the self-employed developer will make you more profitable in the middle of your project and they will not leave you for reasons such as illness or love.
  • As long as this person leaves the office and has a boss, he will rarely feel that he is dominating the situation.
  • For large projects, take time from a development team developer. If the deadline is important, hiring a freelance developer is not the best option.
  • In summary, freelance developers are not a bad option for some tasks, but for large projects that require specific guarantees, this option is very dangerous.
Internal Team

The internal team of the developer is another option. You constantly monitor projects and are always in contact with developers. However, when creating a team, you must start from scratch, buy equipment and inventory, find office space, get more information at international conferences and webinars, and have access to IT libraries. If it is a viable option, it is a great solution. But there is another option to discuss.

Outsourcing Developer of Professional Apps

As one of the companies that create apps, we are already a highly trained team of IT experts, including programmers, designers and project managers who are always in contact with you. Each of them is an expert in that field. So, you do not have to worry about things. Simply state your ideas and understand in the most cost-effective way in the form of web applications or mobile applications created as you wish, according to the detailed specifications you create for your early association.

Team of Experts

As a team of experienced developers and talented designers who have worked together a couple of years ago, we can propose some ideas for your future projects and develop classics Ready to avoid Creation errors. Please join us with a simple idea and we will help you develop a successful app. We want to do something that people can not talk about and stop using. We are one of the main development companies and we value the reputation of our company.


Software that meets business needs

Custom software solution

A customized software solution will be a unique tool adapted to your company to meet your business needs. If you are suffering from the following question:

  • How are the activities of your company organised in the most efficient way?
  • How to establish internal communication and management of customer relationships
  • How to automate routine processes to improve performance

So, maybe custom software is the best way to deal with the difficulties of managing your business and improving productivity. We are involved in working in various commercial areas and creating applications for better corporate performance. We know how to make software safe and easy to use that produces visible positive results. We will continue to support you even after creating your program. We strive for a long-term relationship, we value our collaboration with clients, we do everything we can to succeed.

App for small businesses

We believe that the creation of commercial applications only applies to large companies and large companies. Do not get me wrong If you are an event organizer, you can benefit from the use of appropriate software tools if you store stores, bars, restaurants, gyms or own real estate companies. We can increase brand awareness, contact the target audience and let them know your news, campaigns and other important information to your loyal customers. applications for SMEs offer a new way of interacting with customers.

  • Upgrade
  • Take part
  • Reward
  • Maintain

Mobile phones and modern computers will help us organize our lives, interact with friends, research, buy, create and do many other things. Why do not you use technology so useful for our business? When it enters the customer's phone, it becomes part of their life. Come and visit us with the idea of ​​making a great app and use it as a marketing tool.

Our clients


Create Mobile and Web Apps

We are developing both web-based and native apps. A highly qualified designers take advantages of working with various development tools such as Xcode, Visual Studio, Android Studio, CSS, HTML5. During the development process, we will do many UI / UX tests and quality control tests to confirm that our work meets your expectations. We will consider your own success and help you in your business mobilization.

Web App

The website is in the past. Of course, it is important that your website be available at any time. However, it will be much better if users who browse these pages can access additional functions. When you create a web app using HTML5, you can create a program that maintains data locally and continues to work even offline. By creating a program with the ability to perform complex calculations and analyze corporate data and economic prospects, you need a special server to perform those tasks with a single click. This is the structure of the web app. Web-based applications are connected to a remote server, so you can deal with this kind of difficult task in a short time. In addition, the creation of such tools compared to the development of mobile applications is cheaper, faster and more universal, unless a different device encoding is required, and the user interface has a responsive design. You can improve with the resolution and size of the screen on the page.

Mobile App

Within the direction of all possible marketing strategies, Internet marketing and marketing through mobile applications is the fastest growing type. One of the best things you can do to reach your target audience: stay in your client's pocket and always stay with them thanks to the "push notification" feature. You can create native applications created on specific platforms and download them to specific app stores. If you know that the target user is an iPhone user, create an iOS solution.

Therefore, we take care of the following:


We will help you take advantage of Apple's regulations and take advantage of all the benefits of iOS's innovative technology. An attractive design of the app with solid features that run on the most vulnerable, stable and secure platform is beyond the reach of customers.

With the Android platform app, you can access a large Android audience. Despite all the difficulties associated with creating an Android app for the segmented market, we offer high quality tools. Even if the brand owner introduces some changes to the Android developer's standards, we will consider them and provide similarly designed applications for any device running from Sony to Samsung.

It is not very common in the market, but it is still an important representative of the operating system. You never know what will happen the next day. Today a platform is at the top and not tomorrow. We can not predict whether Windows mobile phones outperform the current leaders of the two operating systems in smartphones. We can develop multifunctional and nice project for Windows.

Developers can also create cross-platform applications that use smartphones to accept the entire audience. But it will be a more expensive and slow process, since you need to code the program for all the platforms and adjust it to all the devices of that resolution and size.


We make world-class applications and offer support and maintenance. With our years of experience, we will find the best option for you, and we can offer app development solutions ahead of many competitors. If you have any questions, let us know. Please write to us today. We are ready to provide you with a quick and useful consultation.